Why a launch party can make or break your start-up

When it comes to running a start-up, there is a finite window of time to make an impact before funds dry up and client interest wanes. This is where a launch party is paramount to sell your business, and more importantly, sell your vision. Whether you’re launching a new business, product, service or idea, a launch party is designed to generate excitement, educate key parties and entice potential investors.

You don’t necessarily have to organise a launch party the moment you launch your start-up. You may choose to host your event one or two years in when you’ve had time to build your team, develop your product and establish a business plan you’re confident people will back.

If you’re considering organising your own launch party but are put off by the financial and organisational burden, below are some compelling reasons to make the effort. We’ll also cover important factors you need to consider when organising, from function room hire to branding.

Promote your brand to relevant parties

If you’re launching a start-up, then (hopefully) you’ve done your research into the relevant names and businesses out there who are prominent players in your chosen industry. This refers to investors, key opinion leaders, consultants, shareholders, public speakers, or potential partners – anyone who might have a vested interest in your start-up or could be an asset to you. These are the people you want to have at your event to build brand awareness.

More than just throwing a memorable party, your event should reflect your brand’s vision and core values. You ultimately want to portray yourself as capable, established, and eager to grow. These are all traits that potential investors will be looking for.

As a nice finishing touch, give away swag-bags filled with branded merch to ensure you stay in your guest’s minds. Follow up key individuals to thank them specifically for attending and pick up promising conversations that may have begun on the night.

Gain press coverage

When planning your guest list, consider including any relevant bloggers or journalists for publications you think will present your start-up or product launch in a favourable light. See if they can conduct a brief interview with your business leader to get your brand vision out there. By having your voice heard in an established publication, this will give your start-up the credibility it needs to stand out from the pack.

Create meaningful engagement with the right venue hire

A successful launch party is a chance to engage face-to-face with potential clients and investors. But it’s important that you choose a venue hire that offers the space and quality facilities you require to leave a positive first impression.

GCTC’s impressive 2,000-square-metre event centre is perfect for large scale events that expect upwards of 3000+ guests. For smaller events, our functional corporate suites can accommodate 220 guests and come equipped with integrated visual and audio systems for any presentations, launch videos or hype reels.

For first-rate function room hire on the Gold Coast, talk to Gold Coast Turf Club today. Make sure to request our new event banquet kit to pair delectable grazing and cocktail menus with a fantastic beverage package for two to five hours.

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