Business Event Management 101: What You Need to Know

When planning Gold Coast business events and conferences, there are a lot of considerations and logistics to manage to ensure the day is a success. Event management relies heavily on the details, which is why special attention should be given to every facet from the planning, through to the execution itself.

Leave no stone unturned and never leave anything to chance. After all, when it comes to event planning, it’s important to have contingencies in place should there be an incident. From one of your speakers dropping out due to illness, to venue or weather restrictions, there’s a number of factors that could turn for the worse and thus require preparation to overcome.

Make sure to consider the below basics to make your job easier.

Set your event goals

Your event is destined to fizzle if there’s no clear objective from the get-go. Clearly define the event’s purpose; from there, you can decide on the theme and target audience. Make sure that any additional details are aligned with your goal for a centralised vision that keeps your guests engaged and allows them to walk away with a clear message of your choosing.

Assemble your A-team

A successful event is usually thanks to a collaborative effort of multiple people. Make sure your team is made up of dependable professionals who can get their tasks done, on time and to the standard you expect. A typical event will have multiple committees dedicated to specific tasks, such as event publicity, sponsorship, catering and venue liaison.

Decide on a budget – and stick to it

Whether you’re able to use your budget strategically and stick to your limit is usually the fastest way to determine if your event was a cost-effective success, or an expensive disaster. Many plans fall apart because the budget was not accurately predicted and the event organiser either doesn’t have enough funds to cover third-party suppliers, or they go way over their limit.

Avoid this mistake by listing all the critical expenses you realistically require and the maximum allocation for each. Some of these expenses are non-negotiable, such as food, venue, entertainment, and staff – but other items could be cut if they’re not actively contributing to the event.

Take the stress out of event management

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