How to Maximise Attendance at Your Upcoming Conference

When planning Gold Coast business events and conferences, one of the key concerns is getting enough people to attend. But how can you ensure your event is a success and fills every seat in the house? You can start by remembering guests want a conference that is not only informative, but well-executed, too.

This is easier said than done, of course. To help guide you in the right direction, we’ve outlined a few steps below to help improve the chances of a solid attendance at your next conference.

Come up with a well-structured agenda

A successful conference should follow an agenda that’s comprehensive enough to cover everything required, while remaining concise and varied to keep guests engaged throughout the programme. You should also place breaks strategically to give your guests reprieve. For instance, after a presentation heavy with technical jargons, a break for food and refreshment will be more than welcome.

Your speakers should also be informed of the conference’s theme so that they can prepare accordingly. The topics may be varied, but there should be a common overarching thread that ties them all together and complements the event as a whole. This way, your guests will not be bombarded by two hours’ worth of disorganised information, but will instead be told a greater story with common topics or themes.

Book the right function venue for your event

Typical business events are commonly held in hotels, but if you’re looking to surprise and delight, you should consider hiring something outside the box, such as the Gold Coast Turf Club. As one of the best conference venues in the Gold Coast, GCTC offers first-class facilities to cater for any kind of event.

GCTC has an extensive selection of event spaces and areas located in a 34-hectare site, meaning you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. The Corporate Suites, for instance, offer a prime view of the race track and breathtaking city skyline.

GCTC also offers packages to suit your needs. The Weekday Business Delegate Pack is our recommended choice, covering everything from the venue to the catering. Let us know if you have any specific requirements and we will be happy to accommodate.

A compelling invitation is key

When inviting your guests, it’s important to connect with them and their drivers. Entice them with promises of what they’ll gain from your event and how they will benefit, whether personally or professionally. Using the right copy can go a long way in achieving this.

Make sure you also invite your guests with ample forewarning. This will give them time to prepare and allow them to clear their schedule or make any travel arrangements. Be sure to send multiple reminders before the event to avoid any confusion.

The ultimate conference destination

Once you’re ready to book your own successful corporate event at one of our stunning Gold Coast venues, call us on (07) 5353 5608.

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