Tips For Choosing The Perfect Conference Venue

When planning an event, such as a conference or forum, one of the first things you have to consider is the venue. Once the venue is chosen, all other aspects of the event will follow, such as the travel arrangements and decor. When choosing the right venue for your conferences, meetings and events in Australia, here are five things you should think of.

Consider the budget

As in many other things in life, the budget is a huge part of making a decision. The budget dictates how lavishly you can afford to spend and how spectacular the event is going to be. Therefore, it is imperative that you study the budget carefully and allocate funds properly. Set aside the budget to cover the costs of the venue, food, entertainment, and souvenirs, amongst others. You should also consider the time of the year to get top-notch venues for the best Gold Coast events. Holidays are peak seasons, for instance, and event costs are bound to higher.

Think of the number of guests

An event with 50 expected guests will need fewer requirements than that with 500 guests. Before finding a place, make a rough estimate of the prospective attendees. Then look for venue choices based on their maximum capacity. Always be prepared as well. Think that everyone you invite will attend; otherwise, your event may become too crowded.

Gold Coast Turf Club’s 2,000-square-metre Event Centre is an impressive structure that can host over 2,500 guests and boasts spectacular panoramic views of the Gold Coast skyline reaching from Main Beach to Burleigh. If you’re expecting a huge crowd, there’s no other choice as great as GCTC.

Choose the ideal location

Choose a location that will be easily accessible to your guests. If it’s a company-only conference, choose somewhere close to the office. If you’re expecting travelling or international attendees, choose a venue that is accessible in a location with more to offer during any free time.

If you are in need of top-notch conference venues on the Gold Coast, look no further than the Gold Coast Turf Club. You can enjoy a wide range of first-class facilities and hold memorable conferences in our Event Centre, which incorporates an uninterrupted floor space with 90 metres of glass panels overlooking the Gold Coast.

There are very few conference venues on the Gold Coast that can handle the diverse range of events, exhibitions, conferences, expos and gala dinners required by an ever-changing event industry. However, the Gold Coast Turf Club Event Centre was specifically designed and created for this level of demand.

Aside from the Event Centre, the Gold Coast Turf Club also offers over 20 different event spaces situated on a luscious and green 34-hectare site. Centrally located 10 minutes from Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach, the Gold Coast Turf Club offers impressive views and proximity to the most iconic beaches that will make sure your event is one to remember.

Should you need accommodations, the Gold Coast Turf Club can help you out by collaborating with the numerous hotels nearby. The Gold Coast Turf Club also offers ample parking space as well as accessibility to all its facilities.

If you want to enquire about holding a corporate event at the Gold Coast Turf Club, get in touch with us today by calling (07) 5353 5608.



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