Received 18th Sept – Gun Punters Club

On behalf of the group that attended, just wanted to drop you and the GCTC a thank you note for the hospitality and service received at our annual Gun Punters Club Day last month.

For several years we have been holding these days at a pub in Brisbane, fairly central for the majority of our club members. I have been nagging the club manager Len Heuser to have a day at the track as we are mainly all horse racing fans for a couple of years now.

Fortunately this year he relented and agreed to run with it.


On Saturday 26th August we had our annual Beer n Bets get together, For the first time an interstate member agreed to attend – previously he declined as he could spend any Saturday watching the races at a pub close to home. This year however he booked flights and a hotel and was coming- it was only a dose of the man ‘flu that prohibited him from attending.


Right from the start after being contacted by the club representative Mia, we received fantastic treatment. Communication was clear and concise, and the facilities we were provided with were first class. As a proud club member I enjoyed seeing the looks on the guys faces when we did a walk through the club and then arrived at the corporate suite provided. They were gobsmacked!


The food, service and facilities could not be faulted. All staff that we came into contact with were thoroughly professional and courteous and a great day was had by all.

The corporate suite was exceptional and we thank you for providing these facilities for us. It was absolutely ideal. Plenty of space, balcony and backed up by fantastic staff.

Food was plentiful and we had a fantastic day.

It is fair to say the guys don’t want to return to the pub in the Brisbane CBD and are looking forward to having the annual event at the GCTC every year now.

So, again thank you from all of us at the Gun Punters Club, we had a fantastic day out and really appreciate the use of the exceptional facilities.

October 5, 2017

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