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Owners Privileges

Standard or Semi-Feature Raceday Owners Privileges

The Gold Coast Turf Club recognises the massive contribution owners make to the racing industry.

The GCTC offers a host of raceday privileges designed to help every owner – whether they are new to the industry or race-hardened veterans – enjoy the thrill of watching their own horse race at the Gold Coast.

The following privileges are extended to all listed* owners with a runner at any Standard or Semi-Feature Racedays GCTC meetings:

  • A listed owner is allocated 2 complimentary racecourse admissions one for themselves and one for a guest. ( Maximum 20 in total per horse)

  • Owner will receive 1 Mounting Yard pass and 1 guest pass with access to members area** Maximum 10 mounting Yard and 10 guest passes per horse, owner and guest pass will have access to the Members areas. Some restrictions on Feature/Semi Feature racedays apply and are subject to change.

  • 1 Racebook per listed owner with a maximum of 10 per Runner. Subject to availability

* Listed owners with RISA (Racing Information Services Australia) Our gate attendants at the Owners and Trainers booth will have full list of owners and syndicates from RISA. To gain these privileges you will need to have photo ID.

** If there are more than 20 listed owners then RISA listed Manager of the horse or Syndicate is responsible for allocation of these tickets. No exceptions.

** Some restrictions apply on Feature, Semi feature, Themed or special raceday events as determined by the club.

Winning Owners are invited to the Directors Lounge to celebrate their winning success in our winner’s room after the race. They will be able to view the race replay and view photos from the race. They will also receive a bottle of wine, a winner’s cap and a copy of the DVD of the race so they can take this home and enjoy the win again.