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Membership Renewal

Memberships must be renewed every year (between June 1st and June 30th) or you will need to re-join and pay the joining fee or pay the renewal fee for each year that has lapsed. To renew please download and complete the appropriate PDF form below or log into the Members Online Portal.

If you are unsure of your Member ID and password, please contact our Membership Officer on or call (07) 5353 5608, to retrieve your login details.

Renew Online

Senior Membership: To qualify as a Senior Member you MUST have been a Member of the Club for a continuous period of twenty (20) years AND be over the age of 55.

Restricted Membership: If a member can no longer be a member due to health or passes away, their surviving partner may submit an application as a Restricted member and receive membership at a reduced rate.

Renewal Fee Condition

Membership of the Club shall cease if a Member fails or neglects to pay the Member’s Annual Subscription before the first day of September of the current financial year, and his or her name shall be removed from the register of Members.