Take Your Gold Coast Conference to the Next Level

The magic ingredients that make a successful event will vary on a case by case basis, but there are a few extra steps you can take to ensure your event is relevant and engaging.

Ticking off the checklist for successful event planning is a great place to start, but once you’ve done this, it’s important to consider what a successful event means for you and how you can achieve these goals.

If you’re planning corporate meetings or events in Australia, here are a few steps you should consider to take your event up a notch.

Define your KPIs

Once you’ve organised the basics, such as venue location, catering and key time and dates, it’s time to define what a successful event looks like to you. What do you wish to achieve by the end of your event? What specific goals do you wish to meet? What actions do you want the attendees to go away and make? The below key performance indicators are a good place to start to help you assess your event’s performance.

  • Event conversion: One of the most important KPIs in events is the conversion metric. How much did your event attendance event grow compared to previous ones?
  • Attendance rate: If this is your first event, what percentage of total invited guests attended? Did this meet your projected target? When you track your conversion rate across all marketing channels, you can then measure which efforts yielded the best results.
  • Attendee satisfaction: Another metric you can look into is attendee satisfaction. Get feedback from attendees, and based on the data, you can look to refine future events by listening to their feedback.

Embrace the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things refers to the network of internet-connected devices and objects that gather and exchange data. This can include a wide range of smart devices, from mobile phones to wearables and even appliances such as smart refrigerators.

The Internet of Things can play an important role in the business event industry, where there is a constant influx of data. From catering to notifying guests of event updates, the Internet of Things makes the whole process easier.

Investing in such smart technology can help streamline the event management process. You can deploy devices for automated registration and check-in. You can also help attendees get to the venue easier, with a special navigation software or app.

Consider how you can use the suite of readily available digital platforms and smart devices at your disposal to provide a richer and more engaging event experience for your guests.

Manage the logistics

The devil truly is in the details when it comes to handling event logistics. Consider everything from parking spaces and venue accessibility. This might seem insignificant, but it will give you and your event an edge in the eyes of your guests. After all, it’s important to keep your guests comfortable and satisfied with their experience to ensure you retain their attendance for future events.

With Gold Coast Turf Club, managing the logistics is a breeze. Sprawled across a luscious and impressive 34-hectares, GCTC offers numerous function and conference venues on the Gold Coast. We also have packages designed to suit all your event needs, such as the Weekday Business Delegate Pack.

Comfort is one of the focuses of GCTC, which is why we provide convenient lift access to the first and second floors for various areas and facilities. Additionally, there is ample parking space available, meaning there’s no need chance of guests fighting over parking spots.


For any other logistical challenges, simply speak with our reliable staff and we’ll be able to find a solution to accommodate. If you’re looking for the perfect venue for your Gold Coast business events, then reach out to us today by calling (07) 5353 5608 for more information.

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