What You Need To Know About Event Management

Business Event Management 101: What You Need to Know When planning Gold Coast business events and conferences, there are a lot of considerations and logistics to manage to ensure the day is a success. Event management relies heavily on the details, which is why special attention should be given to every facet from the planning, [...]

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Bring Your Event To The Next Level With GCTC

Take Your Gold Coast Conference to the Next Level The magic ingredients that make a successful event will vary on a case by case basis, but there are a few extra steps you can take to ensure your event is relevant and engaging. Ticking off the checklist for successful event planning is a great place [...]

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The Ultimate Venue for Your Party or Gala Business Events

Whether you’re looking to host Gold Coast business events or throw a spectacular Christmas party, you undoubtedly want to leave your guests with a positive memory. And what makes an event or party stand out? Your choice in venue. If you want to host a larger-than-life event, then there’s no better venue than the Gold [...]

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Planning the Ultimate Gold Coast Work Christmas Event

Planning the Ultimate Gold Coast Work Christmas Event Don’t fall victim to the common mistake of organising your work Christmas party at the last minute. Get proactive and start planning now so you have ample time to lock in the right Christmas party venue for hire on the Gold Coast before they all get snapped [...]

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Tips To Increase Attendance At Your Conference

How to Maximise Attendance at Your Upcoming Conference When planning Gold Coast business events and conferences, one of the key concerns is getting enough people to attend. But how can you ensure your event is a success and fills every seat in the house? You can start by remembering guests want a conference that is [...]

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